UN General Assembly Special Session on Corruption

Statement of Ireland by Hildegarde Naughton TD, Minister of State for Justice


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Ladies, Gentlemen, and distinguished guests. I am very pleased to participate in this Special Session of the General Assembly on Challenges and Measures to Prevent and Combat Corruption and Strengthen International Cooperation.

I am honoured to reaffirm Ireland’s commitment to the fight against corruption. Corruption has a detrimental impact on development and economic growth, while reducing the quality of public resources, especially for women and most marginalised groups.

The challenges of the current pandemic and the associated economic shocks prove, more than ever, the crucial importance of the efficient and effective use of scarce resources.

Ireland will continue to engage with all the institutions it works with and international partners in the fight against corruption, and will promote a culture of zero tolerance for all corrupt practices.

As a Minister at the Irish Department of Justice, I am proud to reflect on the significant progress that has been made domestically in the fight against corruption, particularly in recent years.

Ireland remains focused on the implementation of its whole-of-government anti-corruption efforts, which has been based on three key pillars.

1. Expose corruption

2. Punish the corrupt and support those who have suffered from corruption

3. Driving out the culture of corruption wherever it may exist

In April 2021, the Irish Government published an 18-month implementation plan which details the actions to be taken across government to progress the recommendations contained in a far-reaching 'Review of Structures and Strategies to Prevent, Investigate and Penalise Economic Crime and Corruption' which was completed last December.

Ireland is also strengthening its procedures to help developing countries to recover the proceeds of corruption and combat bribery. 

For example, the National Plan on Business and Human Rights aims to promote responsible business practices at home and overseas, including in developing countries, by all Irish business enterprises, and contains a range of commitments, including anti-corruption measures.

Ireland believes that more can be done, and is committed to supporting international cooperation on this agenda. I wish you a very successful special session and look forward to conclusions.

Thank you