Transformation Programme Overview

What is the purpose of the Department’s Transformation Programme? What work has already been completed?

Our Department has been undergoing extensive organisational change in recent years, most notably in response to the recommendations of the independent Effectiveness and Renewal Group (ERG) which was established by Government in January 2018 to identify the changes the Group believed were necessary to enable the Department to meet the changed demands of the environment in which it now operates.

In January 2019, we commenced work on a significant Transformation Programme, responding to the recommendations of the ERG in their first report, which was published in June 2018.The group continues to formally report to Government on the Department’s progress in relation to the Transformation Programme.  The reports of the Effectiveness and Renewal Group can be accessed on the following page: Effectiveness and Renewal Group Reports

The Transformation Programme aims to create a Department that is agile, evidence based and open, while remaining loyal to traditional civil service values of integrity, impartiality and professionalism.​

We are putting in place new structures, work processes and skills to meet the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century. This will enable us to achieve our vision of a safe, fair and inclusive Ireland.

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