The fight against bribery and corruption has been strengthened substantially at national and international levels in the last number of years. Ireland is strongly committed to combating bribery and corruption both at home and abroad by establishing and maintaining a transparent and corruption-free environment.

The Tackling Bribery and Corruption website seeks to raise awareness of Ireland’s commitments to tackle corruption. The website, set up by the Department of Justice, is one element of a collaborative approach by Government departments and agencies to the issue.


Consequences of bribery and corruption

The website informs the public about the consequences of bribery and corruption, both for individuals and for companies working in an international business environment.

Ireland is very committed to ensuring that bribes to officials either at home or abroad are treated as criminal offences and to raising awareness of its obligations under international treaties or conventions, so that a level playing field can be created for all companies operating internationally.

On the site you can access relevant conventions, international evaluation reports on Ireland’s progress in meeting international standards, and Ireland’s anti-bribery and corruption legislation. You can find out how and where to make complaints in situations where you suspect bribery and corruption may be taking place.


Further information:

Tackling Bribery and Corruption website

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