Background to Consultation

Consultation is an essential part of the development of the White Paper on Crime.

In 2009, the Department of Justice and Equality commenced extensive and inclusive consultations as part of the White Paper on Crime process, utilising a variety of formats.  This consultation process provided members of the public, as well as relevant public agencies and other interested bodies, with the opportunity to contribute fully to the development of the White Paper.


Role of discussion documents

A White Paper provides a high level statement of Government policy, its rationale and the strategies to give effect to that policy.  Development of the White Paper on Crime involves an end-to-end examination of the prevention, intervention and enforcement strategies to combat crime.

A key element in the consultation process was the publication of four discussion documents (see below) which provided structure to the very broad range of issues examined as part of the White Paper process.

Each document includes a general, non-specialist overview of the issue in question, together with a number of questions to assist in shaping discussion and feedback.

As part of the consultation process, written comments on the issues raised in each document were sought, and the Department organised a series of seminars and consultations with interested parties and stakeholders. Reports on the outcome of these discussions together with summaries of the written submissions received were subsequently published. Further information on each stage of the process can be accessed here together with the associated documents:


Four discussion documents and summary of outcomes:


Two separate consultation sessions

In addition to the above, two separate consultation sessions were held in November 2010 with older citizens and young people on the issue of crime.

1. The Report on the Consultation Session with Older Citizens on the Issue of Crime was published in January 2011.

2. In April 2011, the Department published the Summary of Consultation Outcomes - "Report of the White Paper on Crime Consultation with Young People" which was drawn up by Coexist Ltd in conjunction with the Department and its associated Appendices PDF.  Copies of the report have been circulated to a wide range of youth organisations.