When a person who is resident in another country wishes to pass through this State with a firearm, they require a licence issued by the Minister for Justice and Equality.

A ‘Transit the State’ Licence is applicable where a non-resident is travelling though the jurisdiction with a firearm, but not using their firearm.

An example would be a resident of Northern Ireland wishing to travel with firearms and flying out from Dublin airport.

To apply for a ‘Transit the State’ Licence, complete the following steps:

Complete the application form for a Licence to Transit the State with Firearms.

If you are an EU resident, include the original European Firearms Pass with your application.  If you are not an EU resident, include a copy of a current firearms licence that you hold in your home country.

Forward the documentation to Firearms Unit of the Department of Justice and Equality.  We will consider the application having regard to public safety and security. If a decision is made to grant the licence, we will send you a transfer document with which you can legally move the firearm or firearms concerned through this state.