Minister Flanagan encourages attendance at Two Day June Event to Honour Women of the Magdalene Laundries



The Minister for Justice and Equality, Charlie Flanagan, today (Wednesday) expressed his hope that the 2 day gathering of Magdalene women organised by voluntary group 'Dublin Honours Magdalenes', planned for June 5-6, will be well attended.  The Department of Justice and Equality this week issued invitations to Magdalene women on behalf of ‘Dublin Honours Magdalenes’.  Minister Flanagan has agreed to provide financial support for the event and to provide other practical assistance following a meeting with organisers Norah Casey, Dr. Katherine O'Donnell and Claire McGetterick.


Facilitating a gathering of women who had spent time in Magdalene Laundries is one of the recommendations of the Quirke Report, commissioned by the Government.


As the invitations issued, the Minister said:


This event in June will be really special – it’s an opportunity for the Magdalene women to get together.  It’s being organised by volunteers but I am delighted to provide financial and practical support.  Today we issued invitations to our database of Magdalene women.


I know the organisers are planning a very warm and dignified gathering and I think it’s going to be a celebration of true resilience.  So I am looking forward to it and I would simply urge any woman who spent any time in a laundry, who gets an invitation – to come.   As I said, I believe it will be a fitting tribute to their strength and it is also part of what both I and this government have committed to doing - honouring the commitments given to the Magdalene women by former Taoiseach Enda Kenny.”




Note to Editors


The Department of Justice and Equality has a database of Magdalene women arising from the Magdalene Restorative Justice Scheme through which almost 700 women received payments and enhanced health and social welfare provisions.  For Data Protection purposes the Department could not share the database but agreed to issue invitations on behalf of the voluntary group, ‘Dublin Honours Magdalenes.’


The Minister for Justice and Equality also agreed to provide significant financial support to facilitate the event.


Radio Stations please note:

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