'Your Silence Feeds the Violence' a major national public awareness campaign by Cosc - the National Office for the Prevention of Domestic, Sexual and Gender-based Violence, commenced in 2009 on national and local radio, billboards and online.  The campaign has been continued by the distribution of A4 posters to Government Departments, public offices, Non Governmental organisations and support services.

The national campaign was based on the results of a survey of the Irish public’s attitudes to domestic violence. The survey showed that although the Irish public believed that domestic violence in Ireland was common and was of a criminal nature, most people would only intervene under limited circumstances.

The campaign aims to:

  1. Raise awareness in the community around the victim that they (the member of the community) play an important role in the continuation or cessation of these crimes;
  2. Inform the community on how to take safe and appropriate action; and
  3. Increase awareness of the availability of services.

From the Cosc website you can:

• Find out what to do if you are aware of someone suffering domestic violence 
• Search a database of local and national services to find the experts who can help
• You can also download advice from the site that you can read later
• Download a summary of the survey report findings  the full survey report 
• Order the Cosc campaign posters at info@cosc.ie