In pursuance of the Programme for a Partnership Government commitment to providing investment in CCTV systems, this community based CCTV scheme (the “Scheme”) is intended to support local communities who wish to install and maintain CCTV security systems in their area, with the aim of increasing public safety and to deter illegal or anti-social behaviour.

It is intended that the Scheme will run for 3 years with funding of €1 million being made available each year and the Tánaiste has secured funding of €1 million for 2017.

It is designed to provide financial assistance to qualifying local organisations towards meeting the capital costs associated with the establishment of local community CCTV systems. The maximum grant available is €40,000. Within this limit, grants of up to 60% of the total capital costs of the system may be awarded.

Successful applicants will receive confirmation that they have been approved for a grant under the Scheme and the amount of the grant. In this manner, applicants will be in a position to proceed with the installation of the system secure in the knowledge that the grant has been approved.

A payment of up to 50% of the approved amount will be made on foot of this approval and when the applicant has confirmed that he or she will comply with the conditions attaching to the grant.  The balance will be paid when it has been established that the system is fully operational in line with the requirements of the Scheme.

The number of grants to be awarded is dependent on the number and quality of the applications in the context of the available budget for the scheme.

Projects will be funded, within overall maximum grant limits, to the level that is considered necessary to establish successful and viable CCTV projects. Funding will not be spread thinly over all proposals that have potential merit.

The decision of the Minister is final in relation to all applications under the Scheme. 

All documentation in relation to the Scheme can be found below, and on our Forms Page. Support and guidance is available for groups interested to apply for this funding.  Any queries can be directed to the dedicated email address

Form PD 001 - Code of Practice

Form PD 002 - Guidelines for Application

Form PD 003 - Application Form

Form PD 004 - Technical Specification

Form PD005 - Assessment of Need

Form PD 006 - General Conditions

Form PD 007 - Certificate of Completion